The eternal parallels

>> If You don’t see the rise of antisemitism today – you wouldn’t have noticed it in 1933

>> If you don’t stand up against antisemitism today – you wouldn’t have done it in 1933

>>If you support branding Jewish products today in special way – you would have supported marking Jews with the yellow star after 1933 as well.

If You see all what I mentioned above and you decide that it’s more safe to remain silent and do nothing – you would have been silent in 1933 as well.  But note: those who were silent in 1933 in order to protect their families – lost their sons and daughters anyway till 1945 – and so will your silentness NOT protect your loved ones today if you choose not to stand up against Antisemitism. This is my lesson from our german history.

Please also watch my video message on this topic here:

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