The Real Cause Of Terror – A German Analysis

The recent terror attack in Tel Aviv was immediately used by Hamas propaganda to declare, that terror is the logical consequence of the so called „israeli occupation“. To many on this planet, this sounds logical. I must say, that I love Hamas for saying this. They make it easy for everyone who has some common sense to see the obvious lies!
If the the Israeli „occupation“ is the reason for the terror, we could assume there was no terror before 1967. Was there? Yes there was a lot! there were about 449 terror attacks on Israelis between 1949 and 1967. So Hamas uses the term „occupation“ only as an excuse. In fact, they continue the ideological path of Mohammed Amin al-Husseini who established a muslim SS-unit and was paid by Hitler. Al-Husseini was a relative of Arafat and was a fan of Hitler.
Amin al Husseini und Adolf Hitler

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