The tricky way how Abbas „condemns“ terror on Jews

The horrible terror attack today left all humans with a heart speachless. How can a human kill people who simply gathered for a morning prayer??? The images of the terrible attack are no different than those we’ve seen abot the IS (Islamic State).

Even Abbas had no choice but to comment this terror attack. So what did he really say? Listen carefully how he „condemned“ what his fellow muslim brothers did:
„The Palestinian presidency has always condemned the killing of civilians on both sides, and condemns today the killing of worshipers in a house of worship in West Jerusalem“.

Abbas condemns the „killing on both sides“. As if any Jew was killing Arabs deliberately. The way he says it, it sounds like the killings of Arabs are as regular as the terror by Arabs on Jews. But this is simply not the fact. Everyone can use Google and search for Jews blowing up Arab restaurants, busses etc. Search for Jews running over Arabs with cars… or shooting Arabs in a Mosque.

But even if a Jew would commit such a crime, he would go into prison in Israel for that. At the same time Arab families get Money if they have a „martyr“ in their family.

Why could Abbas not simply condemn this specific terror attack today? He just had no choice but to condemn it in order remain the „moderate“ peace partner in the eyes of the western world. But since he had no choice, he used it as propaganda and immediately turned to condemn the „settlers“ for going on the temple mount. But hey, who gets killed when a Jew enters the temple mount? Does Abbas consider those Arabs on the temple mount as victims and Jeish prayer as terror?

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For those who claim, that the police man who shot an Arab who attacked him with a knife, committed an act of terror, you should know that police in germany acts very similar. When an nacked man with a knife approached a police man, the police shot and killed him on the spot. You can watch the video of the incident:

Please also watch this:

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