Peace is not a State

For many people the only solution for peace in the middle east is the creation of another arab state: „Palestine“. But will this really bring peace and stability to the region? In the following few lines I want to share some thoughts based on the facts that we see today in the middle east.

Let’s make it very simple and imagine a middle east without Israel and Jewish people. Since most of the world politicians and mainstream media consider Israel to be the core problem in the region, without Israel there should be total peace. But reality is very different. There are ca. 100.000 dead Syrians – non of them died by an Israeli bullet but by the hand of their fellow arab brothers!

Have a look into Egypt: Hundreds died since beginning of the „Arab Spring“. Non of them by an Israeli bullet!

In Lebanon Hizbollah is fighting with Alqaida using terror methods. The death toll is rising week by week. Lebanon is far away from being called „stable“ today. Turkish pilots have been abducted in Lebenon recently by a terrorist group… all this was not related to Israel in ANY way.
Considering all this, how exactly is Israel the problem in the middle east? Even if we erase Israel from the map all the conflicts in the middle east will remain and even grow – because Israel is the only „element“ in the region that brings stability and peace into the zone of war and hatred.

Some claim that a sovereign „Palestinian State“ would make it easier for Israel to defend itself in the world. Because if rockets would be fired from a sovereign „palestinian“ State, that would be considered a declaration of war and Israel would have all legal rights to defend itself by any means. Sounds good? Yes, but only if we ignore reality. In fact, thousands rockets have been fired from the sovereign sates of Lebanon, Egypt and Syria etc. since the independence of Israel. However – Israel was always blamed in the media and politics.

A „palestinian“ State would bring exactly the opposite of peace – more problems and more hatred. It is well known, that the „palestinians“ could not survive without the billions of aid from the west. This aid will not and cannot be paid for ever. And without that money, there would soon be great chaos in „Palestine“. Terrorist Groups will blame Israel for the crisis. They will use well known accusations like the „water issue“. Israel will be blamed for their water shortage as they are not going to develop desalination plants etc. And the next step for the terrorist groups will be firing rockets into Israel – this time not only from Gaza but from all over the „West Bank“.
World public opinion will see that as a struggle against the „Zionist Regime“ and as usual will take side with the „poor terrorists“.

I am a german friend of Israel and I hope peace will come into the middle east. But peace is not a „State“.  Peace must be accepted in the mind. You can create a state for every single person on earth – but that will not mean peace…

Israel brings stability into the region

Ein Gedanke zu “Peace is not a State

  1. It’s useful to have Israel as a whipping post, as the reason for all the trouble in Middle East. The fact of the matter is that if Israel did not exist Arab countries would simply fight amongst themselves. If there is ever going to be peace in that part of the world then it’s essential that Israel continues to exist, to set an example of how life can be when civilisation rather than barbarity is the norm. Most Arab nations don’t know how to exist without violence as a way of life. Israel can show them the way.

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